Alibaba Developed NFC+ with the longest Communication Distance— RFID Card ™

  1. Alibaba’s NFC technology, NFC+, has overcome the limitation of traditional NFC through achieving the longest communication distance in the world.
  2. Besides, it can steadily penetrate liquid and metallic environments, overcoming the potential challenges of existing unfriendly RFID media types (bottlenecks, water bottles, and metals cans) in the automated logistics realm, mentioned by Dr Liu Hongqiang, Alibaba’s Cloud network research team head.
  3. With this initiative, NFC technology can be used widely to identify product information for all kinds, such as fresh food, logistics, payment, and much more.
  1. With NFC+ reader, the miss-reading rate has been reduced to 0.03% from 23% for arbitrary located objects.
  2. With NFC+ reader, the cross-reading rate has been reduced to 0 from 42% for randomly located objects.
  3. The maximum reading range of NFC+ readers is 3 m, which is far better than the NFC system that provides a read range of only 0.9 m with the most optimized tag direction.
  4. NFC+ tag can be operated in a harsh environment such as in water tanks, but UHF RFID can’t operate under these conditions.
  5. NFC+ reader provides a high readability range with an accuracy of 99.9% even when it is blocked by RFID unfriendly objects like milk or cans.



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S. Fatima Amber

S. Fatima Amber

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